Eaton APR48-3G



Eaton APR48-3G 1800Watt PSU Charger perfect charging combo for Adaptto Controller. Very popular due to its size/weight/power ratio. Weight is just a bit under 1.7Kg. Pretty quiet compared to other PSUs as well.


  • Height 133mm [5.25"]
  • Width 42mm [1.65"]
  • Depth 266mm [10.45"]
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Voltage: 54V

Rated Output Power:

  • 100Vac: 900W
  • 120Vac: 1100W
  • 208-240Vac: 1800W

Current Limit: Factory set to 37.5A
Note that this charger is only suitable for batterypacks of 16s(48V) or above.
Free shipping applies if you buy this charger with Adaptto controller
While the unit is brand new in the box we cannot offer any warranty in case any malfunction. We can however offer a replacement if you get a DOA.